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"Gouache, aquarel, oil"

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"The Beginning"
Year: 2001
Size: А4
Paper, mixed technique
"The bouquet"
Size: 10/15
Pasteboard, oil
"The Tea"
Year: 2001
Size: А3
Paper, color indian ink, brush
"The Turtle of the Time"
Year: 2001
Paper, mixed technique
The work is in private collection
Year: 1990
Size: 48 x60см
cardboard, oil, brush
"The tonnel"
Year: 1990
Size: 35x50см
Сanvas, oil, brush
"Litle Hare"
Year: 2001
Size: А4
Paper, gouache

© All the works are in author's collection, or in private collections in Russia or outside the country. Any usage of the works or their images without explicit and plain agreements with the author is forbidden.
® All the works are deposited with Russian Society of the Authors.

Подвижнические наставления Исаака Сирианина
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