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Painting in oil 2009
Painting in oil 2008
Painting in oil 2007
In favour of life
Painting in oil 2006
Painting in oil 2005
Interior works
"Faces serie"
"Composition V.L."
"At lessons"
"Gouache, aquarel, oil"
"Computer Paints"
"Done Works"
"Color Dreams"

© All the works are in author's collection, or in private collections in Russia or outside the country. Any usage of the works or their images without explicit and plain agreements with the author is forbidden.
® All the works are deposited with Russian Society of the Authors.

5-я заповедь: «Почитай отца твоего и мать твою, чтобы продлились дни твои на земле, которую Господь, Бог твой, дает тебе» (Исход 20:12).